Steve Burton and Courthouse


Steve Burton began his practice with the prosecution of criminals for the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office as an Assistant District Attorney, commencing in August of 1980 right after taking the New York State Bar Examination.

Steve prosecuted numerous crimes during his tenure with the District Attorneys Office and then switched sides and began defending clients in 1982. He has successfully defended all types of cases over the past 36 or so years.

It is very important to select an attorney that you know will tell you the way things are and not just appease you with what you want to hear. Any attorney can promise a client the world and ask for a large fee. Unfortunately and too often, the misled client may be severely disappointed when, months later, the attorney is unable to deliver the promised result. Steve Burton will never make a promise that he cannot keep or tell someone what they want to hear in order to have the client retain him. Steve Burton will give you the best evaluation possible, given the facts as presented to him, along with quoting a very fair fee. Steve will strive to get the best result possible every time.

Steve Burton handles all types of criminal matters inclusive of vehicle and traffic crimes such as DWI, vehicular assaults, homicides, thefts, sex abuse, criminal contempt, drug crimes, endangering the welfare of a child and just about every other type of crime prosecuted in the New York State Court system. Steve has successfully defended numerous matters during the past 36 years inclusive of many jury trials.

In conjunction with your criminal matters, Steve can also defend the accompanying Family Court charges inclusive of neglect/abuse and orders of protection.

Give Steve a call to discuss your pending criminal matter or, if you are under investigation, speak with Steve as soon as you learn that you are being investigated in order to get proper legal advice. Contact The Law Offices of Steve Burton.