Steve Burton and Courthouse


Over the past thirty years, Steve Burton has handled numerous civil cases involving almost every type of action one can contemplate. Steve handles all types of civil matters, except divorces.

Civil litigation can be very costly and Steve uses his experience to try and mitigate, or even eliminate, the high costs of litigation, when practical. Steve has handled breach of contract, attorney malpractice, landlord tenant, defense of personal injury, easement by prescription and almost every other type of civil litigation over the years.

The law firm is very selective in the civil litigation matters taken in because they are labor intensive, and often involve a high degree of difficulty. This means that we only accept cases for which we feel confident in our ability to obtain a favorable result for the client. Cases are turned away if Steve feels the client's expectations are not reasonable or obtainable.

Every civil matter is different and must be discussed in a person to person conference. Such a meeting allows the attorney and the potential client to review all documents so that an intelligent decision can be made as to whether the firm will undertake to represent a client on a matter. Client expectations and estimated costs will also be discussed. Steve Burton personally supervises all aspects of every case taken by the firm. He will be the one to personally answer any of your concerns or questions.

Steve's thirty years of experience helps him to advise clients with confidence as to whether or not they should settle a matter. While one can never predict exactly what a jury would do, such experience before other juries, presenting similar cases enables Steve to assist clients in making an informed decision. Costly litigation should be carefully considered prior to bringing an action. This is even more crucial when placed in a defensive posture. Especially when defending against absurd claims - the more absurd a claim is, the more important it is to have an experienced civil litigation attorney to defend against it.